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Newborn Intensive Care
Reference Center Newborn Intensive Care Unit
Our neonatal intensive care unit offers the 3rd stage intensive care unit with Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) unit in our hospital.
Neonatal intensive care is a unit that wants technical equipment, knowledge, experience and dedication.
In line with the principles stated, the newborn intensive care unit of Hüma Hospital serves with 1 isolation room, 19 newborn incubator capacity and experienced physicians and nurse staff.

Premature birth, multiple pregnancies, diabetes mothers, babies, mothers, babies in the womb. In Newborn Intensive Care Unit; respiratory support (ventilator therapy), blood exchange, phototherapy (light therapy), thoracic tube insertion (lung air leakage treatment), patient head USG (ultrasound for the evaluation of brain and other internal organs), are also performed.

TPN Unit
It is aimed that all newborn babies who cannot be fed orally will be fed by veins and the mortality rates will be minimized. Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is one of the most important applications used in modern neonatal intensive care units (NICU). On the basis of the fact that babies are never left hungry after birth, especially in babies born with very low birth weight and unable to be fed enterally, TPN is started immediately after birth and is continued until the baby is fed easily by the enteral route. All nutrients needed by the baby in TPN solutions are required.
"Newborn Intensive Care" our doctors in our unit
Pediatric Diseases
Pediatric Diseases
Pediatric Diseases
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